How to decorate a snowflake with a bow


On the video above, I show how to make a loop with a bow for a snowflake. Work takes about 5 minutes! In the season of crocheting snowflakes, this may be a very topical issue.

This year, as in the past, I made a lot of snowflakes. This year I decided to make loops, but the usual chain is uninteresting. The Internet helped, and I learned from a video how to make bows using ribbon. In fact, I've watched very lot of videos, I don't even know what really helped me)))

So, we will need:

  • fork;
  • the hook that we used for crocheting snowflakes;
  • needle with a big eye;
  • scissors;
  • the thread that we used for crocheting snowflakes;
  • any ribbon you have;
  • snowflakes.

On the video, I show how I crochet a chain that will be a loop, for this I make 30 chains, leaving long ends. And then I make bows from a narrow and wide ribbon using the fork. You may use any ribbon you have! A narrow one is more convenient, it is easier to pull it between the teeth of a fork, but a bow is more beautiful from a wide one. Then I connect everything - and it's done! 

I hope my video and comments in this post will be useful to someone))

Enjoy your craft!